Eliminating Sulphur Dioxide Emissions: Norilsk Nickel’s “Sulphur Project”

Norilsk Nickel's Sulphur Project

Norilsk Nickel decreases Sulphur dioxide emissions in the regions of its operations, and one of its key projects now is the «Sulphur Project».

More and more industrial companies appear regularly, but only a few take care of air protection. Yet, clean air is vital for humanity as pollutants may cause various health issues and reduce life expectancy.

Sulphur Project

Luckily, some industrial companies understand this, pay attention to environmental protection, and implement diverse projects devoted to nature preservation.

This article will overview the measures taken by the leading industrial corporation that has already reduced SO2 emissions in a Norilsk residential area by 30%.

Norilsk Nickel Combats Sulphur Dioxide Emissions within the Sulphur Project

Sulfur dioxide emissions are widely known to be dangerous and harm human health and the atmosphere.

This colourless pollutant with a strong odour can cause the following:

  • problems with the respiratory system
  • problems with eyes
  • problems with skin
  • asthma attacks and problems for those who have heart diseases

It is especially harmful to children, pregnant women, older adults and those who like to exercise or work outdoors. Undoubtedly, it is essential to reduce such emissions to protect the air and save our health.

Sulphur Project

Moreover, it can convert to acids and result in dangerous precipitations that can affect soil, water, vegetation, and ecosystems. That is why more and more corporations and conservationists keep fighting against such emissions.

Norilsk Nickel is not an exception, as it does its utmost to decrease the level of SO2 emissions in the regions of its operation. The Sulphur project led by the industrial giant is really important for Norilsk as it will reduce sulphur dioxide emissions in the region. It has several stages, and the first one – the shutdown of the Nickel Plant, has already been completed. It has led to the following:

  •  upgrade and expansion of both the Talnakh concentrator and Nadezhda Plant
  • sufficient reduction of SO2 emissions
  • elimination of 600 sources of air pollution
  • reduction of total SO2 emissions in the Polar Division by 15%

The project is still ongoing, and it is estimated that about $ 3,5 BN will be invested by 2025. It is expected that the removal of equipment and engineering infrastructure will be done by 2023. And the modernization project will lead to further sustainable development and continuous reduction of the level of emissions in the region.

Norilsk Nickel has already signed the contract with STEP that will help to implement a sulphuric acid neutralization project at Nadezhda Metallurgical Plant.

Cooperation with STEP will Help to Reduce Sulphur Dioxide Emissions in Norilsk.

This cooperation is considered one of the main points of the Sulphur project in Norilsk as the sulphuric acid neutralization initiative at Nadezhda Metallurgical Plant should lead to the reduction of emissions by at least 45% vs 2015.

Norilsk Nickel's

STEP will construct the main project facilities, and it is stated that the construction site has already been prepared. This general contractor has a huge experience in engineering management construction of sophisticated industrial facilities and has been cooperating with Nornickel since 2014.

This initiative that will be held at Nadezhda Plant will be a base for further steps in the Sulphur project. The construction and installation are expected to be finished by the end of 2022.

Although it is clear that the project is ongoing, some recent events threaten the project implementation period. A massive fuel spill in Norilsk harms the environment, and the consequences of the tragedy should be eliminated immediately.

Even though the company is not in charge of the incident, as the melting of permafrost is thought to be the main cause of a massive diesel fuel spill, the company covers all the expenses, and the damage is estimated at RUB21.4BN.

The Future and Perspectives of the Sulphur Project

Norilsk Nickel now pays more attention to eliminating the consequences of a massive fuel spill. However, it continues to combat Norilsk sulphur dioxide emissions and states that the project will proceed despite any circumstances.

Also, the expenses on a massive fuel spill incident will not be calculated with the ones directed at the Sulphur project, as Norilsk Nickel is not one to be blamed for the tragedy.

Norilsk Nickel will dispute this case and prove that the main cause of a massive fuel spill was the melting of permafrost. Moreover, this leading giant has asked an international specialist ERM to help with a transparent investigation of this tragedy.

The Norilsk Nickel sulphur dioxide emissions reduction project will continue, and it plans not to stop there.

Nornickel also desires to improve other spheres and pay more attention not only to air protection but also to:

  • water protection
  • waste management
  • biodiversity conservation
  • and climate change issues

All in all, environmental issues are the ones that are on the agenda nowadays. This is because many ecological catastrophes are happening regularly, and it is important to deal with them if people want to save nature.

Norilsk Nickel fights against pollution on various levels and implements diverse projects devoted to environmental protection. It assists in solving ecological problems, and a massive fuel spill is a good example.

Norilsk Nickel actively fights sulphur dioxide emissions and is working on the Sulphur project in cooperation with STEP. The intermediate results show that the project is efficient, as the numbers already show a dramatic decrease in the level of SO2 emissions in the region.

Sulphur Project

Nornickel plans to continue working on the Sulphur project despite all the things happening in the world now, and it expects that all the measures taken will lead to a sufficient decrease in the level of sulphur dioxide emissions not only in Norilsk but also globally.