What is Vue JS

Vue JS vuetify templates

Hey, readers. In this blog, I will tell you what is Vue JS is and why it was famous in 2020. So let’s start.

What is Vue JS

Vue JS is an open-source JavaScript Framework. It’s used to create single-page applications and user interfaces (UI). It’s developed by Evan you, and it is commonly called Vue. It is a progressive JavaScript framework. The key feature of this framework is that it uses “high decoupling” this feature allows developers to create user interfaces (UI) progressively.

Why Vue was very famous in 2020

“High Decoupling” is the main feature that differentiates Vue JS from both “React” and “Angular” with the help of Vue, it is very easy to extend functionalities. For example, if you want to render visual components, you don’t need to use other libraries; you can do this by using Vue JS’s core library.

As your application grows, you can use different libraries for different purposes. For example, you can use ‘Vue-router’ to manage routes, you can use the library ‘Vuex’ to manage global state, you can use a library such as ‘bootstrap-vue’ to build responsive web applications, and if you want to optimize your application for good SEO, then you can include ‘vue-server-rendering’ library.

In Vue, the component system is reactive. So with the help of this child, components can communicate with their parent component through events.

Companies using Vue.js 

 Many companies are using Vue.js some popular companies are.

  • Alibaba
  • Gitlab
  • Accenture 
  • Trivago
  • Xiaomi 
  • Stack

Vuejs Templates

As Vuejs became famous, many developers started using it, and Vuejs Templates came into demand. Using these ready to use kind of templates is always a blessing for developers. These templates have mostly all the required things like tables, charts, dashboards, widgets, forms and much more, which will give you the power to accomplish your project much faster.

vuetify templates

Some frameworks within vuejs got famous, e.g. Vuetify, Vuesax and others. Vuejs is quite easy to use, which is the reason for its growth at the global level. You can also try some vuetify templates, as it is inspired by google’s material design and built-in vuejs.

Components in Vue.js

Components system allows developers to build big applications with the help of small and reusable components. Because the components are reusable, they accept the data, lifecycle hooks, and watch methods.

In simple words, in Vue.js, components are small pieces of code that you can use to build attractive user interfaces.

Advantages of Vue.js

Small size

It’s very small in size. It is the biggest advantage of this framework. The size of this framework is 18-21 KB, and it takes very little time for the user to download it. And this small size does not affect the speed of this framework.

Easy to understand

Vue is so popular because this framework is very easy to understand. You can easily add Vue.js to your project because its structure is very easy. You can develop small and large-scale templates with the help of Vue very easily.

Simple Integration

Vue.js is very popular because it is super easy to integrate with your existing application. In addition, because it is a JavaScript framework, you can easily integrate it with other applications built on JavaScript.

Detailed documentation

Vue.js offers detailed documentation, and developers always like frameworks with detailed documentation because this makes it very easy for developers to develop applications.

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