10 Best Washington D.C. Restaurants Near Me

Washington D.C. restaurants

The nation’s capital is a great place to visit any time of the year. There are tons of places to see and things to do here. But it would help if you filled your tummies before you do that. So here we present the ten best Washington D.C. restaurants near you.

Lapis Afghani bistro

It’s a family-owned Afghani restaurant in Washington, D.C. restaurants. There is a great selection of Afghani bread to try from the menu. Naan will be the first choice for most foodies. Kebab is another special dish in the Asian influence. It’s spicy in its subtle, flavour-rich style. You will like their special cardamom tea, which has spices like cinnamon, ginger and other healthy ingredients. These are the golden, classical spices from the east. The menu has all the traditional elements from the Middle East and Afghanistan with a modern twist. You can notice a lot of grandparent photographs on the walls of this family-owned restaurant. It’s a feel-good place for dining in Washington, D.C.

Ben’s Chili Bowl

Ben’s Chili Bowl is more than just a place to eat. It’s a culinary hub in Washington D.C. restaurants. It’s a great place to greet, meet and eat in the busy city. It has turned into a landmark in Woo Street, and it’s a legendary place. Burgers, hot dogs and fries are the speciality items here. All the food items are smothered with chilli, hence the name ‘Ben’s Chili Bowl’. This place has stayed the same in the last few decades. They have been operating since 1958, the year it was established by Ben Ali.

They serve comfort food along with homemade chilli sauce. Throughout the six long decades, Ben’s sauce recipe has been a well-guarded secret. The walls are filled with politicians, musicians and celebrities who have been customers. From a few presidents to common people, people from all walks of life are welcomed here. People come from all over the United States flock to this iconic place. But, for the locals, this place is more than just another restaurant.

Lafayette restaurant

The restaurant is located at the Hay Adams hotel. It’s a great place to have dinner with your loved one. The food is amazing at this romantic getaway spot. The staff is top-notch, who ensure you have a really good time. It’s one of the most elegant places to dine. Just for the ambience alone, it deserves to be on the list of the best Washington D.C. restaurants. The presentation is over the top in almost every dish you have here. We suggest ending your meal with their bourbon Icecream. You will thank us for the tip later. Besides that, their desserts and lobster salads are exceptional.

Lauriol plaza

If you like to dine on the patio, Lauriol plaza has the best seats for you. You can dine while enjoying the view of the roadside. This place has been operating since 1983. The indoor area packs a lot of grandeur and extravaganza. They have three levels of dining halls to pick from. This place can seat tons of people at the same time. The waitresses work at blitzing speeds, and the bar operates fast. In addition, more than 100 employees are working round the clock. This spot is where tons of people flock in, day in and day out. The scenic and convenient location is why people frequent the Lauriol plaza.

MI Vida restaurant

It is located at 98 districts square, Washington. They offer authentic Mexican cuisine. It’s an 1100 sq—meter, 3-level venue, serving lunch, brunch and dinner. A great time to visit this place is during taco Tuesdays. They have everything from posada to Caritas to carne to polo as ado. To make the deal sweeter, it only cost $3. The design elements put it right royally into the D.C. scene. MI Vida roughly translates to ‘my life’. The focus is on hospitality and service rather than speed of operations. They are still a developing project, which will become a go-to place in Washington, D.C. Great food, quality service and fantastic pricing will put this restaurant on the map.

Dubliner restaurant

Across the United States postal museum, this gem of a location can be found. Their pot pie is something to die for. It’s a cosy, comfortable place. These great folks accommodate you happily. Its largely wood interior is decorated well in the Irish style. This is a great Irish restaurant and pub to be in. The dishes are made in an amazingly short time. It is cooked so well beyond expectations. The pot pies are a tasty combo with huge chunks of chicken packed in. The restaurant has been operating since 1974. Their pot pie alone is worth the trip to Washington D.C. restaurants. It is a great place to hang out with friends and family.

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Budget options

These are the top inexpensive places to eat in Washington, D.C.

Good stuff eatery

This burger restaurant is owned by spike Mendelsohn, the local celebrity chef who aces food competition shows on TV. So you can get a celebrity chef experience without paying anything extra. Good stuff eatery offers all sorts of burgers, fries and shakes.

District taco

You wouldn’t believe they started as a single taco cart a decade ago. Now, they are all over the place with many outlets. They serve burritos, tacos, nachos, casa dais and everything Mexican. Their speciality is a fish taco and shrimp taco. The salsa bar has salsas ranging from mild to extremely hot. 

Falafel ink

You can get a sandwich at just three bucks here. The falafel bowls cost a dollar more. These are adequate for a decent vegetarian lunch. If you are a big eater, order a salad for another three bucks. Half a dozen available sauces give enough options to spice up falafel to your taste and preferences.


As the name suggests, the theme is tacos plus Korean. You get hooked on this place after your first bite. Once started as a single food truck, they now have several branches in the city. In addition, they have special taco Tuesday discounts every week.

Bon Appetit!