Rausch Coleman Home Features Collection

rausch coleman home

Rausch coleman home features collection showcases some of the most interesting and noteworthy pieces in the rausch coleman collection. The home was designed by renowned architect Roy Raymond, who had worked extensively with Rausch in designing homes and businesses. The interior features include an eclectic mix of furniture, artworks, and objects d’art that reflect Coleman’s unique sense of style.

Rausch Coleman Home Features Collection is a must-see for any fan of the arts and design. It features over 1,200 pieces of furniture, art, lighting, and home accessories from one of the most influential designers in history.

The renowned Texas furniture designer has a signature style recognizable anywhere in the world. In addition, his furniture is known for its unique design and craftsmanship. The House Features showcases some of his most popular designs and features unique pieces unavailable elsewhere. This collection has something for everyone, from dining room sets to bedroom sets.

Some of the highlights of this collection include the Rausch Banjo Case Chair and Ottoman. This chair is perfect for any room in the house and comes with a banjo case that can be easily hidden away when not needed. The Ottoman also features a hidden storage area, making it perfect for holding extra blankets or towels. Other popular pieces include the Rausch Pouf Sofa and the Rausch Coleman Stacked Barrel Chair.

Collection Overview

In 1895, Charles Rausch Coleman and his wife, Alice, founded the Charles Rausch Coleman Collection of American Folk Art at the Smithsonian Institution. The collection contains over 5,000 folk art pieces from all 50 states and more than 100 countries. It is unique because it is one of the few collections focusing exclusively on American folk art.

The collection includes paintings, prints, sculptures, pottery, textiles, and other artifacts. Many of the items are original works of art created by local artists. Some of the most famous pieces include a painting by Georgia O’Keefe called “The Madonna and Child,” a print by Edward Hicks called “The Last Supper,” and a sculpture by Henry Moore called “Two Figures.

Design Elements Used In The Collection

rausch coleman home

When looking at the Rausch Home, one of the first things you’ll notice is the use of many design elements. As a result, there is a lot to take in, from the large window panes to the intricate details in the ceiling and walls.

One of the most striking features of this home is its use of glass. The large window sills and doors allow natural light into the home, making it feel bright and airy. In addition, the large windows create an open feeling that makes it easy to see everything in the home.

The furniture in this home also has a lot of detail. For example, the chairs have intricate floral prints, while the coffee table has a carved design. This attention to detail makes every piece unique and adds character to the room.

Accessories and Furnishings Used In The Collection

Collection-goers can find a range of accessories and furnishings used in the Rausch House featured at the museum. These include a set of six chairs designed by Charles Rennie Mackintosh, an antique china cabinet, and a bed from the 1920s. The exhibition’s curator, Lorna Luft, said that these pieces “reflect how people lived” in different eras.

Rausch House Features Collection showcases the homebuilder’s attention to detail and dedication to creating a luxurious home.


The home features three levels of living spaces with rich, intricate details. The lower level features a formal living and dining room with a grand fireplace, while the upper level houses two bedrooms and a full bath. A large loft area is also perfect for a home office or playroom.


The exterior of the home is adorned with lush landscaping and gated entry. This prestigious property is sure to impress any visitor.

What makes Rausch Coleman Home Features Collection so special?

Rausch House is one of the most unique and innovative home collections in the market today. It was created with the customer in mind, providing various features and options specific to their needs. As a result, Rausch provides unprecedented customization for each homeowner, from floor plans to finishes.

The collection’s versatility allows homeowners to choose from various floor plans and finishes that perfectly fit their individual needs. So whether you’re looking for a spacious home with plenty of space to grow or want something sleek and modern, Rausch has you covered. Plus, all homes come equipped with every convenience you could ever need, including an attached garage, front porch, and back patio.

The only limit to your home dreams is your imagination!

Rausch was one of the most influential architects of the 20th century. His unique and innovative designs have left a lasting impression on the house building industry. One of his most famous homes is in rural Oregon, known as the Rausch House Features Collection. The home features unusual and unconventional features that have never been seen before. These features include an outdoor living area that overlooks a waterfall, a swimming pool on top of a hill, and an elevator that takes you directly to your bedroom.

The Features Collection was designed specifically for people who enjoy outdoor activities. The outdoor living area features a waterfall cascading into a small pool, providing residents with plenty of opportunities to relax and soak up the natural scenery.

What are they, and why are they noteworthy?

The Rausch is a contemporary art show by local and international artists on display at the Old Town Gallery in Clay Center, Kansas, from October 1-30, 2016. The exhibit featured painting, sculpture, mixed media, and photography by established and up-and-coming artists worldwide. Representing over two decades of work, the collection features pieces that merge traditional painting techniques with new approaches to mediums such as 3D printing. Many artists are based in Clay Center and surrounding areas, and their works reflect the community’s diverse culture.

The show was well received by locals and visitors, who praised its unique mix of styles. In addition to the art exhibit, the gallery houses a small collection of historical artifacts and artwork. The museum is open to the public on weekends and by appointment during the week.

How much do these pieces cost, and where can I find them?

When Rausch was designing their newest home in Fayetteville, NC, they knew they wanted to feature a collection of pieces that would be both beautiful and functional. The result is a house that is both comfortable and stylish.

It features a variety of pieces, all of which are designed to be versatile and easy to use. Everything in the house is designed with comfort and style, from the beds to the chairs.

The furniture is made from high-quality materials, so you can be sure it will last for years. Plus, all the furniture is available at your local store, so you can easily find what you need.

Here are a few images that give a taste of what’s inside.

The Rausch features a diverse and impressive collection of art. The pieces span centuries and include everything from Impressionist paintings to traditional Native American artifacts. The home’s centerpiece is a large, imposing painting of Mount Rushmore by Andy Goldsworthy. Other notable pieces in the collection include a sculpture of a horse by Tony Smith and an abstract painting by Philip Guston.


The Rausch Coleman Home Features Collection is an excellent source of inspiration for anyone looking to update their house. With various styles and colors available, there is sure to be something that will fit your needs. So whether you are looking to add a touch of luxury or modernity to your house, the Rausch has the perfect option for you. So if you’re looking to update your home, check out the Rausch Coleman home features collection.