Supply & Demand & Desirable Location All Influence Rising House Prices

house prices

Owning a house can be one of the biggest dreams that many around the world would love to be able to achieve. Indeed, by being on the property ladder, many will feel that they have accomplished one of life’s biggest aims whilst also feeling that they have acquired a certain status within society. However, we all know that owning a property can be incredibly difficult for much of the world’s population as house prices continue to increase – especially in a city -. In contrast, wages and salaries do not, thus making getting on the property ladder one of life’s biggest challenges.

But why do some cities see house prices rise faster than others? What makes them appear more expensive than other areas or regions despite being in the same country? Well, several factors play a role in determining the value of a property. With many beyond the control of an individual looking to make a purchase.

How Desirable The Area Is

One of the biggest factors that will influence the price of a house is the desirability of the area that it is located. So, naturally, some areas will be more desirable than others. Especially cities with the top infrastructure networks in place. Such as the capital city of that location and those that are determined to be the region’s second city and so on.

These locations will typically have everything that a resident would want to be able to access with ease. In addition, these areas are generally developed more than towns and villages that may be found just a short distance from the city’s borders. If everything is available on your doorstep, then some will be willing to pay a premium, which is why house prices increase faster.

Local Amenities

Another factor that will have a huge influence on making house prices rise quicker than others will be the local amenities available within a stone’s throw and the quality of services and products provided within the area.

For instance. House prices in the Las Vegas area are known to be incredibly expensive because of the gambling scene that thrives within the area. Although casino enthusiasts can play online casino games such as live roulette from anywhere in the world. Many will want to experience what a traditional establishment in the bright and famous lights of Nevada city has to continually offer, thus having to pay a premium to do so. Additionally, many will have to pay the highest prices for a home because of the access that they may have to public services. Shops and the best educational institutions that are available in the area.


As mentioned earlier. A city’s infrastructure will play a huge role in determining how quickly house prices can rise within a certain city. When taking cities such as Los Angeles. New York City and London as examples, several exceptional transport links make it incredibly easy for people to go about their daily lives without too much hassle and a lot easier than those living out in the suburbs.

Supply And Demand

Basic economics can be applied to the number of different reasons that influence house prices. And their ability to increase more quickly in certain areas than others. The more interest there is in a particular region. The easier it is for sellers to try and make more money from a potential sale. With many individuals attracted to the idea of living in an established city with everything readily available and fully developed. There will be a lot of competition for a property, thus driving prices up.

With cities typically being rather restricted regarding the number of houses available. The scarcity of those on the market intensifies things further. Leading to some trying to outbid others to try and get the property of their dreams. By doing this, other properties in the area will instantly increase their value.