What Is A Lemon Law Claim?

lemon law claim

Purchasing a car can be a thrilling and baffling experience. However, with the experience of owning a car, you must find the perfect car for you and familiarize yourself with your state’s lemon law.

Imagine buying a sleek car that drives incredibly and even has a warranty. Before long, you begin experiencing some issues with the vehicle, and you take it back to the seller to fix it. You get back on the road, but after a week, the problem comes back.

You begin to feel like you made the wrong choice and bought a lemon car. But can you get your money if you file a lemon law claim? Perhaps.

What Is A Lemon Law?

This law is meant to reprieve people who have bought cars that lack top-notch and performance standards options for their losses.

Each state has its lemon law. Thus before you buy a car, it is crucial to go through and understand federal and state lemon law requirements.

Lemon Law Requirements

Lemon law applies only in some situations. Generally, to make a lemon law claim, your car must be under warranty when the car was issued. The warranty can either be for a new or second-hand car.

However, federal law requires that:

  • The trader has attempted to repair the same issue several times (typically 3-4 times according to the court’s verdict) unsuccessfully- or you have experienced various issues with the same car rendering it unusable.
  • Fixation trials occurred during the first and second years of owning the car.
  • Your car has become unusable for more than 30 days due to repairs.

Making a Lemon Law Claim

When making a law claim, you have to choose between getting a refund or replacing the vehicle. However, regardless of your choice, your dealer will charge you a small mileage fee that you drove before the first repair that made your lemon law coverage successful.

If you choose a refund, the dealer will have to incorporate some fees, such as: 

  • Sales tax fees
  • Registration fees
  • Incidental fees incurred due to lemon car with the likes of rental car charges and towing
  • Other additional fees incurred during the purchase

When you file a lemon law claim, you need plenty of time and paperwork. So, consider using an attorney from Neale & Fhima Law Firm who is experienced with lemon law claim cases to help you out.

First and foremost, before engaging Neale & Fhima Law Firm for your lemon law claim, ensure that you adhere to the following tips:

You Have Taken Your Car for Repairs

The foundation of a sturdy lemon claim lies in several repair trials for the same issue. First, ensure that you have taken your car for repair to the dealer to fix the car’s problem. No matter how busy you are or how intermittent the problem is, ensure that the seller or dealer has attempted to solve it.

Report All Car Issues Accurately

Ensure you report all issues facing your car on the repair order before signing it. Neale & Fhima Law Firm uses the signed order as proof of claimed repairs. If you miss some information, follow up with the dealer, and ensure that they add everything else.

Keep All Your Documentation Safely

Car matters can be very crucial. Therefore ensure that you keep all documentation, such as warranty and repair claim history. Please do not leave anything to your dealer to keep for you—because it can be misplaced, or you can find out a few years later that your dealer has shut down their business.

Issue Your Lemon Claim Law As Soon As Possible

Neale & Fhima Law Firm advises you to start your lemon claim once you have taken your car several times for repair to no avail. The sooner you file your lemon law claim, the higher your chances of getting a satisfactory outcome.

Hire a Professional Lemon Law Attorney

Hiring an attorney for your lemon law claim is an optional choice and not a requirement. However, it is highly recommended that you seek one.

What is the importance of hiring a professional lemon law attorney? Because lemon law claims cases are generally complicated and need a high level of understanding and implementation. 

Hiring a professional lemon law attorney is a deciding factor between a triumphant lemon claim and a failed one. Generally, a professional lemon law attorney guarantees a high percentage of a successful claim.

If you need help with your Lemon Law Claim, do not hesitate to contact an attorney specializing in lemon law, and you will be served with quality and expert service.