The Differences Between Black Opals and Crystal Opals

Black Opals and Crystal Opals

The black and crystal opals have the same origin, but their properties have significant differences. For example, some people wear them as jewellery for marital harmony, while others wear them for zodiac purposes. Some people even keep an opal inside their house for family harmony.

 Opals are visually pleasing and mentally healing. Even if someone doesn’t believe in their energy, they keep them as a showpiece in their house. The two opals from the family are the black opal and the crystal opal. If you want to learn more about their differences, check out SFNCrystals.

Main Differences Between Black Opals and Crystal Opals

The fundamental difference between them is the opals’ colour or transparency. Unlike black opals, crystal opals have a see-through structure, which means you can visualize the scenery through a crystal opal. Whereas black opals are opaque means, they are not see-through.

The black opal is not because they are coloured black, but they have no colour! They are naturally black, like an Onyx. Black opals are extremely rare and are only found in a few places in the world, which makes them a valuable type of stone. However, crystal opals are present mostly everywhere. Still, they are more excessive than black opals.

How to Test a Black Opals and a Crystal Opals

Testing these opals will require a manageable amount of machinery, but a simple torchlight or mobile torch will work.

Take an opal on hand, and put the light through it. If the light shines through the opal, it is a crystal opal. Because of their transparent or semi-transparent properties, crystal opals illuminate when you use a light source.

However, the black opal won’t eliminate light through it because of its natural opaque form. Plus, black opals always carry a potch at the bottom. So, even though it is quite easy to know the difference between them, you can test like this for your satisfaction.

Symbol of Black Opals

Being the rarest opals on the planet, black opals symbolize the future. Yes! They are proven to predict the future strongly and bring good for the future. Also, it is meant to balance one’s life when one wears it by bringing peace and harmony to the ongoing tensions.

Symbol of Crystal Opals

Crystal opals are said to be beneficial for the good physical health of the owner. It treats fever and coughs, improves memory, purifies blood inside the body, keeps the organs healthy and much more! The energy that crystal opals release affects these types of ailments.

How to Choose Opals

 Opals are chosen based on your wants. Therefore, the energy you need should be a determinant for buying opals. However, if you want to wear opal jewellery, you can buy one depending on your skin tone or regular clothing. If you want to wear opals for zodiac purposes, it is in the hands of your zodiac sign to determine the kind of opal you require.

Where are Black Opals Found?

 As mentioned earlier, black opals are the rarest gem on the earth, yet the most alluring of every opal. They are currently formed and found in one country on the earth, Australia.

Where are Crystal Opals Found?

Even though crystal opals are formed in South Australia, many rich countries like America also import them. Also, unlike black opals, crystal opals are formed frequently in a year.

How are Opals Graded for Authenticity?

There are three prime factors that geologists consider while proving the originality of opals. These are:

  • Pattern
  • Transparency
  • Luminosity


Now that you know the differences between black and crystal opals, we think you are ready to choose one. We understand that black opals are the most wanted gems due to their aesthetically pleasing vibes, yet these are so rare. But we are sure you will find one if you keep looking, especially in Australian jewellery shops. However, the crystal opals are no less, and their brilliance is worth having, at least as a house showpiece.